Monday, September 28, 2009

Swift Current Deanery Celebrates the Archdiocese's Centennial

A week ago last Sunday the Deanery of Swift Current gathered as a deanery to celebrate the Centennial of the Archdiocese with the Eucharist in the new Church in Swift Current and this was followed by another good lunch.

There were servers present from the different parishes of the Deanery. It was very good to see this representation. This is an important ministry that young people can be trained to do very well. The servers you see here are excellent Servers at the Altar.
Some ladies of Christ the Redeemer Parish were busy raising funds for their new church in front of some of the parish banners that were present for this special Centennial Eucharistic Celebration.

And here are more workers.

Fr. James Owolagba, pastor at Gull Lake is seen here with Fr. Rick Krofchek, the Dean of the Saskatoon Deanery.

There was a very fine turn out of parishioners from without the deanery, pretty well filling Christ the Redeemer church to the limit.

I am blessed to receive Spiritual Boquets from school children, however this one was beautifully made up with the prayers formed to make an attractive boquet.

I am enjoying seeing the creativity in the Centennial Banners that each of the parishes in the Archdioces are making.

During the Mass we recalled that this part of our Archdiocese once formed the Diocese of Gravelbourg, which was formed out of the Archediocese of Regina in 1930 and for the greater part again became part of the Archdiocese in 1988 due to the diminishing population which had been common throughout rural Saskatchewan. The Diocese of Gravelbourg also had a rich and vibrant history during those years.

Parishioners of all ages participated in the Mass. In our 100th anniversary we remember the contribution made to the Church and to our Province by people who immigrated from different parts of North America and from European countries. Today we continually see the arrival of new families who leave their homes in many parts of the world to come to Saskatchewan to build a new home and new lives for themselves and their children. They too will help form and build our Church over the decades to come.

The Gifts for the Mass are brought forward,

And also the Spiritual Boquet.

After the Mass was finished there was a short musical program which included the school's children's choir who gave a great and entertaining performance.

The celebrations concluded with a great meal in the parish hall. It was a happy and warm celebration of our 100th Anniversary of our Archdiocese.

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