Sunday, September 20, 2009

Regina East and Regina West Deaneries Celebrate the Centennial

Regina East and Regina West Deaneries had a great day for their celebration of the Centennial of the Archdiocese. Here are some familiar faces of the day

Face painting was very popular and made some pretty little girls prettier.

Fr. Gordie Rushka, of course, was there. Fr. Gordie would celebrate his 50th Annniversary of Ordination on the following weekend in Balgonie.

Some parishioners were tiny and safe in the arms of their mother.

The celebrations began in the morning with Sunday Mass at Resurrection Parish.

I was joined by Fr. Steve Bill on my left, the pastor of Resurrection Parish and the Dean for Regina East Deanery. We were assisted by Deacon Joe Lang.

And met a lot of parishioners from Resurrection Parish

This young man really was enjoying his pancakes.

Fr. Steve with Tony Gartner, Grand Knight of the Resurrection Council Knights of Columbus. Tony also serves on the Building and Properties Committee for the Archdiocese.
In the afternoon, the Cathedral hosted a picnic in the park beside the Cathedral, complete with the band "Vision."

And some big people and some little people.

And some young people, and...

Here's Frank Flegel, our Archdiocesan Communications man seen here at the other end of the cameral lens.

Sr. Esbert and Sr. Arlene are members of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They are from the Philippines and have come to Regina to help in ministry to our Aboriginal people in the city.

Some of the ladies were helping to make available some of the Centennial garments available for the 100th Anniversary celebration.

And some more faces of our Archdiocese.

Our new Vicar Genera, Msgr. Don Bolen on the left and our past Vicar General of many years, Msgr. Ken Miller on the right. Just getting vested is Fr. John Weckend who arrived after running the annual marathon.

Following the picnic we gatherd for the celebration of Vespers in the Cathedral. We were blessed with an excellent turn out of priests from the two Deaneries.

Fr Brian Meredith, Rector of the Cathedral, is running through some final details with Deacon Barry Wood and the servers.

Here are a frew of the many beautiful banners made by the parishes of the Deaneries for the Centennial year. They were brought into the Cathedral at the beginning of Vespers and are seen here with the Centennial Icon of Our Lady of the Rosary on the right.

Vespers began with the procession of the Light of Christ with the Paschal Candle carried by Deacon Barry Wood.

The opening prayer is said,

And the singing of the proclamation of the Light of Christ follows. The singing of Vespers follows. It was a beautiful time of prayer and a moving celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours.

After Vespers, the very able crew of the Knights of Columbus set to work barbecuing hamburgers for all present.

As it happened, there was a Riders Game that afternoon as well.

And Msgr Miller has changed to his other vestments.

And here are some more faces of the Archdiocese during this special celebration.
Msgr. Don Bolen with Fr. Brian Meredith.

Some of the 300 -400 people who gathered for the celebration. It was a lovely day. God blessed us with summery weather and many reasons to give thanks for our 100 years of diocesan history.

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