Saturday, September 12, 2009

Celebrating our Centenary in Weyburn Deanery

The celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Archdiocese of Regina for the Weyburn Deanery took place at Mary's Grotto in McTaggart.
The Grotto is truly on the Saskatchewan Prairie as one can see here as we prepared to begin the Mass.

This is a good image of our diocesan church, the Knights of Columbus, who represent the energy and commitment of our laity in the church with the grain storage in the background recalling the lives of the pioneers who came here to plant both seeds of grain and seeds of faith.

There is lots of room for the Entrance Procession which begins the celebration of the Eucharist.

We were blessed with a wonderful participation from the deanery with between 200 - 300 people gathering for the Mass.

The Ministry of Lector was carried out by Vi Hoffman, of Weyburn

and Marilyn Geron from Radville.

Following the Mass we blessed the Grotto to set it aside as a special place of prayer and devotion to Mary, the Mother of God and patroness of the Archdiocese. I am very appreciative once again of the participation of all the parish priests of the deanery and their presence to concelebrate the Mass

And afterwards we enjoyed a very Saskatchewanian meal of beef on a bun with trimmings.

This is Thomas from Weyburn who was kind enough to sit with me for a bit and share this special day.

It was a beautiful day. The prairie wind was only strong enough to blow around some of the banners from the different parishes. An encouraging celebration of faith in the open beauty of the land in which our Archdiocese has grown for a century.

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