Friday, August 21, 2009

Some More Vacation

I will not bore you with a pile of vacation pictures, but I will share with you a few. A very important event was my mother's celebration of her 90th birthday. She started off with a beautiful boquet of roses from a very nice lady, Brenda, who comes in twice a week to help with the housekeeping.

There was, of course, a birthday party with most of our immediate family able to attend. My sister Bernardine and her husband Tim were very gracious in holding the gathering at there home in Chester, NS.

And a birthday cake which my sister in law, Margie Clow Bohan, made. Margie is very good at this.

Happy Birthday Mom!

My brother in law, Tim Moore, is hard to catch with the camera, since he is very much a man of action. But here he is with with the remaining two sisters in law, Janice and Judy, holding the latest member of the family, the first great-granddaughter.

Some more family with my mother's brother in the middle.

And my mother with her sister on her right and sister in law on the left.

Bernardine and Tim have a lovely home in Chester with that splendid Atlantic water all around.

I'll indulge myself and show you a few more pictures of my mother,

here also with my sister Bernardine.

And holding here little Dianne Meunier, her first great-granddaughter, her third great -grandchild.

Here she is again with her mother Steph. My nephew Justin and his family live in Minnesota, so it was very special to have them home as a part of this celebration. Little Dianne got a great deal of attention.

Mom along with her sister Kay and brother Harold seen here with Harold's wife, Anne.

And for those of you who are interested, here's the six of us with our mother.

As I may have mentioned before, my sister and my mother like to bake. We all like them to bake too.
Some of us like the baking perhaps a little too much.

Thanks to the generosity of some good friends, I spent a little time at my old cottage at Cape Spear, NB, not far from the new bridge to Prince Edward Island.

Here my brother Mark along with my nephew Justin and his son, my grand-nephew, Danny (which I thought was just a terrific name to give him) are inspecting some of the marine life at low tide. Danny is growing up in Minnesota so this is a wonderful bit of fun for him to experience the ocean.

On the left is one of my 15 nieces and nephew's, Peter Bohan at their home in Sackville, NB.

And of course, no trip to the Maritimes can be complete without a taste of lobster.

And this time also, some absolutely splendid oysters from Prince Edward Island, fresh out of the water. I know that to some of you prairie people this looks absolutely revolting, especially since I think that the best way of eating them is just as they are out of the water. However, please be assured, it is sublime. And so a great end to a great vacation, with many, many blessings to thank God for.

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