Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Before Vacation: Christ the Redeemer Church Blessing

Just before leaving for vacation, I had the happy experience of blessing the newly completed Church of Christ the Redeemer in Swift Current, pictured above. The project was exemplary in its involvemnt of so many parishioners who, in the true spirit of Stewardship gave generously, even more than generously, of their time and of their talent in many, many volunteer hours of skilled workmanship to bring this church building to the point of being ready to house the church community for its worship of God. This, coupled with generous financial support from the rest of the community, allowed this church building to be completed with remarkable dispatch. It was a joyous day of great celebration and thanksgiving.

While getting pictures of the actual liturgical celebration hit a snag, I did get this wonderful group of Acolytes who served with great skill and grace, enhancing the liturgy as the ministry of acolyte is supposed to do.

A very nice gathering of priests also made the blessing special. On the left is Fr. Rick Krofchek, the Dean of the Swift Current Deanery, next to him is the Parish Priest, Fr. Sathiadas Antony, then Fr. Tonny Dizi, Archdiocesan Chancellor. Then next to me are three former priests who served Swift Current over the years: Msgr. Ken Millar, PH, VG; Fr Stephen Bill and Fr. Raymond Rodrigez.

Also adding to the solemnity were the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus are an excellent Catholic mens' organization who do much good work and wonderful service to the church.

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