Sunday, May 10, 2009

A visit to St Dominic Savio and St. Andrew's Schools

On Monday I visited the two schools in the Parish, St Dominic Savio School was the first.

My Bishop's Staff is a good prop to help explain to the children what the Bishop's role in the Church is. The fact that it is a "shepherd's staff" gives me lots of leeway and lets the children have some fun using their immaginations around what a shepherd does.

I had the opportunity to visit some of the class rooms and field questions the young people wanted to ask me.

The questions were very good, and often challenging! It's something I enjoy doing with them. They all seem to be very interested in how old I am. So I let them guess. The answer lies between 24 and 85!

I get a chance to ask questions of them too. Such as "Do you know where New Brunswick is?

And there are some who do!

We have great young people in our schools and they are a blessing to us all.

And one major factor in that, is the heart and soul of our Catholic Schools: the teachers.


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