Thursday, March 5, 2009

Saskatchewan Roman Catholic Bishops Visit the Premier

On February 10 I took part, along with Bishops Albert LeGatt, Albert Thévenot and Brian Bayda along with Scott Irwin, President and CEO of the Catholic Health Ministry of Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Catholic Health Corporation) in a meeting with Premier Brad Wall at the Legislature in Regina.

We were warmly and cordially welcomed. The meeting provided an opportunity for the Bishops to re-establish their relationship with Premier Wall and for both parties to raise a number of health care related issues. The Bishop’s congratulated Premier Wall on forming the government and on a number of initiatives that his government has undertaken since taking office, including the “Ready for Growth” initiative, government sponsored education sessions for affiliate board members and the recent announcement to replace 13 long term care facilities throughout Saskatchewan.

We also touched on a number of other topics including personal liability for affiliate board directors, the need for long term care standards in Saskatchewan and opportunities for further partnerships to improve and enhance health care delivery in Saskatchewan.

The Bishops expressed their desire for an open and ongoing relationship with the Premier's Office in those areas which were of mutual concern, such as the topic dealt with that day: Health Care in the Province of Saskatchewan and the role of Catholic Health Care in that area of provincial life. The response of the Premier was positive to us and ours to him. We share a common desire to contribute to the quality of life for all people in our province.

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