Thursday, March 5, 2009

Praise for the Prairie Messenger

On February 6th, I was invited by Abbot Peter Novesosky, the Editor of the Prairie Messenger to accompany him to the Saskatchewan Council for International Co-operation's 2009 Regina Global Citizen Awards. It was a great evening during which the Prairie Messenger received the Global Citizen Award.

The Council was formed in 1974 by international development agencies active in Saskatchewan. Now it encompasses the local committees of 35 major churches, educational organizations and international development agencies. It's mission statement is published as follows:

The Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation is a coalition of organizations involved in international development and committed to the recognition of the dignity of all people and their right to self-determination, to the protection of the world's fragile environment, and to the promotion of global understanding, cooperation, peace and justice.

Abbot Peter was very happy in receiving this award and is justly proud of The Prairie Messenger and its nomination of this award. The Prairie Messenger was nominated by Development and Peace Saskatchewan for being an excellent source of news and analysis on international development and global justice issues

Also receiving Awards were Bill Curry and Dale Dewar. In nominating them it was said: "Dale and Bill are living proof that the constructive work of advocating for justice and building the wider community into a just and peaceful context for raising children is the core of global citizenship, and the foundation of life-long empowerment." (Earthbeat Jan 09)

And there were some familiar faces present to lend support to those receiving the Award.

Everyone enjoyed an unusual treat in a supper prepared by Abi Hafyze of Afghan Cuisine in Regina. Several people were seen going back for seconds.....


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