Sunday, November 30, 2008

Regina Catholic Schools, Board/Clergy liaison Committee

On Wednesday of this past week I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the Regina Catholic Schools Board/Clergy Liaison Committee at the Board Office. On behalf of the Archdiocese, Msgr Ken Miller, Fr. Gary Kuntz, Fr. Brad Fahlman and Fr. Steve Bill sit on this committee with members of the Board of Regina Catholic Schools.

To my left in the picture is Rob Bresciani, Chair of the Regina Catholic School Board and next to him is Rob Currie, the Director of Education.

Widening the scope a little bit, to Rob's right is Paul Malone, Donna Ziegler, E J Adams and Msgr. Ken Miller.

This is a better picture of EJ Adams and Msgr Miller, Vicar General for the Archdiocese. To his left is Fr. Gary Kuntz and Fr. Brad Fahlman. We are blessed with both committed Board members as well as committed priests who share the vision of Catholic Education and who understand the value of the presence of members of the clergy to our children and youth in the Catholic Schools.

Miles Meyers, the Coordinator of Catholic Education Services is on the left. To his right is Fr. Steve Bill, Pastor of Resurrection Parish, then Gerald Kleisinger, Rick Turchenek and Vicky Bonnell, Deputy Chair. This committee works to deepen the relationship between Regina Catholic Schools and the priests and parish ministers whose parishes are home to Catholic Schools. The strong and supportive triangular bond of school, home and parish is a valuable and productive relationship in the education of our children.
I am particular grateful for all our pastors who have Catholic Schools in their parishes and who set aside time to be present in a regular way to the children and young people who attend Catholic Schools. This is a special way of affirming that Christ is present to each and everyone of our students and their teachers.

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