Friday, November 7, 2008

Annual White Mass

We celebrated the annual White Mass a week ago last Wednesday. In this Mass we give thanks to God for the work of Catholic Medical Personnel and Health Care Workers, Volunteers, and Women and Men Religious in Health Care ministry. Throughout his ministry, Jesus continually and repeatedly healed people from diseases and afflictions. It was his constant sign that he had come to give life and to give it to the full.

The symbols of healing and health care were solemnly brought into the Cathedral at the beginning of the Liturgy. Louis Morgentale carries the Oil of the Sick used for the anointing in the Sacrament of the Sick; Anita, a mortar and pestle; Dr Pavlosky, a stethescope and Dickie Osiowy the Nurses Cap.

Dr. McCarville reads God's Word taken from the Book of Sirach which praises the work of physicians and those who care for the sick and calls us to remember that all healing comes from the loving power of God. "God's works will never be finished; and from Him health spreads over all the earth.

"How good you are, Lord, to all, compassionate to all your creatures." Trish Engel and Carol Seipp lead the Assembly in the Responsorial Psalm.

Deacon Bob Williston, Mission Director of CHAS proclaimed the Gospel.
George Schaan and Julie Lemoine lead the intercessions for the Prayer of the Faithful

A number of our priests came to concelebrate the Mass and show the support of our pastors for those who work and volunteer their time in the ministry of caring for the sick.

At the end of Mass Sandra Kary, the Executive Director of the Catholic Health Association of Saskatchewan spoke of the work of CHAS and thanked all present. The White Mass is organized each year in collaboration with the Association.

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