Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welt Jungen Tag 05 - A Reunion

A couple of weeks ago I had a really nice evening at the McCaull-Lemon home with some of the young people with whom I had travelled to Germany for the World Youth Day at Cologne in 2005. A friend from Germany, Markus Kissner, was visiting and I had a chance to see him as well. The picture below is the group taken at our host town of Waldaschaff in Bavaria three years ago.

In this picture are some of the friends that were made during our days in the Diocese of Wurtzburg. On the right, with the beard, is Fr. Ball, the pastor of the parish who was my host.

I met Markus Kissner at the airport in Frankfurt when we landed. He was already friends with some our our group from WYD in Toronto in 2002. Here he is at Shauntal and Jason's home with Agnes Hoveland.
Ans was a real asset to our trip to Germany. It was nice to see here at the get together.

So here's the group who got together with Markus. It has grown as four of the group have now married and children are starting to appear. These young people are giving wonderful example of their faith in God's plan for their lives and trust in God's gift of the Sacrament of Marriage and the gift of children. Marriage is truly the sacrament of love that is faithful, steadfast, true and fruitful. It is such a gift to us since God dwells in the couples' hearts to strengthen their love and help it grow and deepen over the years.

Happy indeed are all who fear the Lord

who walk in the ways of God.

What your hands provide you will enjoy; you will be happy and prosper. (Ps 128)

Here I am with Markus and Paul. Notice I have the universally appropriate garb on. It was a pleasure to see Markus again and wish him well as he returns to Europe and to his new job as pastoral worker in Switzerland.


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leo said...

congragualation to ArchBishop Daneil Bohan,Pray for me and my country.I want know more about mother mary.Please send the photos fo lourd.If you half.I liked your blog & wish to fallow it.Advance wishes for MARY CHRISMAS AND NEW YEAR