Sunday, February 28, 2010

Africa: Arrival at the Diocese of Nnewi

After two days in the Capitol Abuja we moved on to Nnewi. It was Bishop Hilary Okeke of the Diocese of Nnewi who invited me to come to Africa and to experience the life of the Church in Nigeria. There had been State elections on the previous Sunday and he was not certain as to the outcome or the reaction in Anambra State. So that was the reason I stayed in Abuja until Tuesday. Apparently if a group is not satisfied with the outcome of an election they can be quite forceful in manifesting their displeasure. This was not the case with this election and all was calm in Nnewi when we arrived on Tuesday.

In fact we went very quickly to a soccer game which was being played between the priests of Nnewi diocese and a neighbouring diocese to recognize the Year for Priests in the Church. It was all very well arranged and here we are meeting the officials.

And the members of the opposing team. Saskatchewanians will note the green and white uniforms>

And in blue and white, the home teaml.

We're lined up for the official kick off. Bishop Hilary always wears his white cassock. I think that it was much more comfortable in the +35 Celsius temperature than my black clothes.

After the Bishop did the official kick off the game was played and the home team won one nothing. So our visit began on a good note.


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