Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dishing out the smokies at Marian Centre

I recently spent the noon hour at Marian Centre helping to serve the meal to the men who come to the Centre for food and fellowship. Marian Centre is run by the Madonna House Apostolate.

On arrival I met a couple of great guys from LeBoldus High School, Aaron and Robin. They had come that morning to donate some of their time to help get the meal ready. I thought that these two high school students were a terrific example of giving time and talent to help others in witness to the Gospel.

Here's a couple of other regular volunteers who helpled make sure that I didn't mess up in serving the food to the hungry group who had gathered.

This kind of activity is one I enjoy very much doing. The Archdiocese has set out to establish Stewardship as a characteristic way of living our Catholic Faith in all our parishes. So my visits to Marian Centre help me to give of my time (and limited talent) back to God and so help me as part of my own goal to become a "Stewardship Bishop" in what I pray will be a "Stewardship Diocese."
Stewardship Prayer: I offer this day to you dear God.Thank you for the blessings you have given me.May I use these gifts to build your kingdom.May my actions be a reflection of your love.May what I do today bring others closer to you.May my words be kind and gentle and may they bring joy to others.Today, help me to give back a portion of what you have given me.I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen. (Stewardship text and Prayers ©Mary Jane Doerr published in the2008 Stewardship Calendar ©J.S. Palush Company Inc.All rights reserved. Used by permission.)


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